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Chapter 8 - Image Galleries

Click 'IMAGE GALLERIES' from the top tab bar, then click 'add'. You can then enter the title for your gallery. The title will be used as a link in the website, so make it something relevant, such as 'landscapes'. If you have the password option, you can choose whether to use a password.
Click 'add gallery' to finish.
TIP: To keep the design of your website consistent, you should keep the titles in the same format - you could try all lower case, or upper case, or ensure that every title begins with a capital letter.

Once you have created a gallery you can add images to it. Please see 'Images' for more details.

Click 'edit' next to the gallery title.
If you have the password option, you can set a password in the edit dialogue page, as well as whether or not to activate a password for that gallery.
If you have more than Space you can move the whole gallery to a new Space.

Click 'delete' next to the Gallery title then click 'confirm delete'.
CAUTION: All images in the Gallery will be permanently deleted.

Sometimes it may be useful to hide an image gallery whilst retaining it intact. To do this just click 'hide' next to its title.

To get back to the list of galleries if you are editing an image gallery, click 'GALLERY LIST' on the left hand menu

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