Prices and information

Price per month£7.80£12.00£18.00£30.00£48.00
Image galleries6816240800
Total images120640225636000120000
Movie sections1212180600
Text pages46203001000
Number of websites 11230100
Password protect galleriesoptionyesyesyesyes
LightBox + E-commerceoptionoptionyesyesyes
iPad/Mobile mirror siteyesyesyesyesyes
most popular!great value!
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Cost of options if not included

Password protection (what's this?) £1.20 per month
LightBox proofing and E-commerce (what's this?) £4.20 per month
Domain hosting (what's this?) FREE!

All LayerSpace websites come with the following as standard

Use your own domain name
Use your own branding and logo
iPad, iPhone and mobile version
Intuitive, powerful content management system
Change design, colours and typefaces any time
Change images, text and galleries any time
Search engine optimisation
Comprehensive support


"Just wanted to say that I love my new website. It was so easy to set up and design in such a way that it is as close as possible to my old custom designed site and it's incredibly easy to update with new work. The price is great too and I can't say enough good things. I think you have a terrific product here!"
Claire Newman-Williams

"Many thanks once again for all your help and speedy responses. Google search is now working, comes up third result down, well pleased. "
Matthew Courtney

"I wanted to say how impressed I am with Layerspace. I'm thrilled with my new website and everyone has been very complementary about it. "
Keir Aubrey

"This is great. I'm really impressed. It's arguably better than my current custom-built site"
Simon Stanmore

"I've been really pleased with it all - my save to upload process is now minutes and used to be hours!"
Fi Morse


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