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Chapter 15 - How The LightBox works

The LightBox interface is designed to be extremely user friendly and most users should need no instruction. However, if you find that anyone has a problem, here are instructions for use.

Click the link to select images at the top of the website page. Then click the link to select an image gallery to view.

The interface consists of a box on the left containing thumbnails, and a box on the right entitled 'selection' The viewer can choose which Image Gallery to view from the drop down list above the thumbnails.

When viewing thumbnails the magnifying glass icon under each can be clicked to view them larger. When viewing large images there are next and previous buttons to move between images.

To select an image, the thumbnail is dragged to the selection box on the right and dropped. To remove an image, the red 'x' under the thumbnail is clicked.

When a thumbnail is enlarged it will show the title and caption underneath as well as a button 'mark as favourite'. When clicked the thumbnail is surrounded by a bright green background. This is useful to keep track of which images you like best in the process of selecting favourites. When the final selection is submitted any marked as favourites are indicated in the selection list. To unmark an image enlarge the thumbnail again and click 'unmark as favourite'.

When a selection has been made, click options' above the selected thumbnails. The window will then change to the selection as a page of thumbnails. These can be clicked in order to add a comment to each.

After any comments have been added, an overall comment can be added in the box provided, name and email address entered, and 'SUBMIT THIS SELECTION' clicked.

The selection can be saved until later by clicking 'save details' or rest by clicking 'reset this selection'.

When submitted an email is ent to both you and the visitor who has made the selection containing a link to view the save selection online. Details of the selection with comments can be downloaded as a text file suitable for opening with a text editor or word processor ro it can be viewed in a printer friendly format.

There is also a link to view LighBox selections on the left hand sub menu on your main account details page.

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