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Chapter 13 - LightBox

The LightBox turns your website into a powerful interactive tool, allowing visitors to make a selection of images which they can then send to you, adding comments if they wish. If selling is enabled, the LightBox can also be used as a shopping cart so you can sell from your website.

You must have the LightBox option in your price plan to use the LightBox.

Click the 'LIGHTBOX/OPTIONS' tab then click 'edit lightbox options' Change the drop down box next to the word 'LightBox' to 'ENABLED'

Link to main website: if set to yes, the website will function as normal with a link at the top to the LightBox. If set to no, the Space will immediately open at the LightBox interface.
Main site link text: This text will be shown in a button when in the LightBox mode to return to the main website
Link text: this text will be shown in a button when on the main website to take you to the LightBox.
Show filename: if set to yes the filename of each image will appear under the large image when a thumbnail is clicked in the LightBox.
Image size: when a thumbnail in the LightBox is clicked, a larger image is opened - this can be either large or small.
Name on messages: When a LightBox selection is submitted your name will be sent by default with your username in brackets. You can change the name that is sent here.

When you have set the options, click 'apply lightbox changes' to save.

If you have enabled e-commerce ( see next chapter) you must set 'combine with LightBox' in the e-commerce options to yes in order to use the LightBox selection tools.


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Claire Newman-Williams

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Matthew Courtney

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Fi Morse


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