How to use your domain name

Domain name hosting

This is a service provided by LayerSpace for a one off fee of £0.00 and will make your website indistinguishable from a site using a custom hosting solution . This provides better SEO (search engine optimisation) because your website pages can be read more fully by Google, Yahoo and the others. You also get a full POP3/IMAP email account with webmail, virus scanning and 100mb of storage.

Good search engine optimisation
Fully hosted website
POP3/IMAP email account
Slightly more setup involved (though still quite easy!)

See below for instructions
or Web forwarding

This is the simplest way to use a domain name and redirects anyone who types your domain name into a browser to your LayerSpace website.

If you use 'framing' or 'cloaking' your domain name will remain in the browser address bar.

Most domain name sellers (or registrars) will provide this facility although some charge a fee.

Easy to set up and change
Not very search engine friendly

Buy a domain name
Choose a company that does not charge for web forwarding or changes to your domain name settings. We recommend Daily (

Names ending in should be about £3 a year and names ending in .com should cost about £7 a year.
Change settings
To use domain hosting you need to change the nameservers for your domain name to:

You should be able to do this in your domain name registrar's control panel.
Set up hosting
Click on 'domains' when logged in to your LayerSpace account and follow the simple instructions.

Once you have paid the one-off fee your domain will be activated.